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Foreign trade salesman

Job description:

1. Major in English, able to communicate with customers and communicate in english;

2. familiar with common electronic components is preferred, familiar with the foreign trade process, familiar with Alibaba or China manufacturing network and other B2B platform operator priority;

3. proficient in office series tools;

4. good professional ethics and professionalism, strong market analysis, marketing and promotion skills, ability to analyze and solve problems;

5. the work attitude is rigorous, responsible, team consciousness, work conscientiously and seriously, can withstand the appropriate work pressure.

Job responsibilities:

 1. daily is mainly responsible for Alibaba background maintenance, upload products, develop customers and maintain customers, timely follow-up potential customers;

2. follow up customer orders, send customer orders to the Purchasing Department inquiry, and timely feedback to customers, implement orders, follow up follow-up work.



Job description:

1 . responsible for developing new products, product testing and customer order purchasing.

2 . familiar with and maintain suppliers, develop sourcing channels.

3. with the sales department to complete the platform inquiry quotation. 4. dealing with abnormal problems in the work. 

5 . have relevant experience in electronic industry or related major preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1. professional technical staff or related electronic major, have certain market sensitivity;

2. good professional ethics and professional dedication, good communication skills and team work spirit;

3. the work of passion, responsibility, work seriously and seriously, able to work under pressure.

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